Meet Mrs Barker

Meet Rina - a dedicated dog lover who understands the importance of keeping our furry friends fulfilled and cared for. Having had pets throughout her life, Rina recognizes that dogs can't always join us on every adventure, and she's committed to ensuring they receive the attention and care they need while their owners are away.

Rina has a certificate in caring for dogs and is always expanding her knowledge and experience to provide the best possible care for her client's pets. She values communication and will provide regular updates to owners to ensure that they feel confident and comfortable with the care their pets are receiving.

With a deep appreciation for all animals, Rina welcomes and embraces the regular routines of pets, including walks, playtime, and eating schedules. She works to make pets feel as comfortable as possible while in her care and ensures they are happy and ready to return to their owners when the time comes.

Through her business, Mrs. Barker's Pet Services, Rina has the opportunity to connect with people from all walks of life. Her services are open to and welcoming of all members of the community. Additionally, Rina is proud to be Deaf and LGBTQ+ friendly, and her business is a safe place for everyone.

Rina chaperoning two dogs at an event